Project Radio – CHRONOPHOBIA


&model, 19 East Parade, Leeds


Chronophobia means a fear of the future. In this audio and visual broadcast SPUR explored possible futures; to either confirm or assuage these fears through key texts that propose creative literary predictions of possible futures, fashion, stock or weather forecasting and live fortune telling.


Project Radio is an exhibition space and online radio broadcast created by artists Marion Harrison and Sophie Mallett. The programme celebrates the collaborative potential of sound art and radio within the gallery.

Project Radio was broadcast live Wed to Sun 2-5pm from 7th October till 25th October. All content will be available online. 

CHRONOPHOBIA took place on Saturday 24 October time 3pm.

You can listen to the broadcast here:


Image credit: Bethany Rose, 2015 – a new commission by SPUR for CHRONOPHOBIA


Bethany Rose